21 – Is it Biblically Accurate?

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December 24, 2021
Simple Christians Podcast with Dr. Ty
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And welcome to version two of Episode 21 of the Simple Christians podcast, Is It Biblically accurate?

Let me explain that just a bit. I decided to do an episode on “Is it Biblically accurate?” There are some things that I’ve heard as a Christian, especially when I was a beginning Christian, that simply weren’t accurate according to the Bible.

And one of those things, after I said it in the first recording, God showed me in the Bible where I was wrong, and it was Biblically accurate.

And if you’re interested in knowing about it, I’ll talk about that again in just a little bit. But here’s the thing: when someone says something to you about the Bible or about Jesus teachings, or even about how we as Christians should be living our lives, you want to make sure that it’s Biblically accurate.

I have two steps that I would like you to start doing, if you don’t do it already. I learned this over a long period of time. To give you an example, I’m going to pick on this COVID issue that we’re in the middle of right now in January 2022. I’m in Washington State and our governor has a mask mandate. We are mandated to wear masks at all times in public places.

And there are many Christians that are pushing against the mandate, saying that they shouldn’t have to wear masks because we have we have religious exemptions.

First off, there’s no exemptions in the Bible. Religious exemptions are not Biblically accurate. And Romans 13 very specifically says that we’re supposed to follow our governing authorities. I have talked with pastors that say that Romans 13 does not apply here.

Yes, it does. It very specifically applies here.

And Romans 13 is not the only spot. There are four places just in the New Testament, that talk about how we are supposed to follow our governing authorities. One of those spots is where Paul is in jail, just for talking about Jesus. I’ll say that again, he’s in jail for talking about Jesus, and he’s telling us to follow our government authorities while he’s in jail.

So he’s not pushing against being in jail just for following Jesus. That’s completely unfair, way more unfair than having to wear a mask when you’re going to school or going to work or something like that. Now, the vaccines, I’m not going to go there. 😊

But you get the idea. There are some things that people say that simply are not Biblically accurate. And watch out for those.

I have a two step process that I have learned to use.

#1, when someone tells me something I ask, is it Biblically accurate?

I’ve had people send me things Christians send me things that were basically calls to action to fight. And they quote the Old Testament, well, the Old Testament is the Jewish Bible. It’s not the Christian bible in Yes, I know. We have the Old Testament, but Jesus came to fulfill the law. And so we don’t do the eye for an eye and all that we don’t stone, our kids for disobeying our parents. We’re just being the parents. That is in the Old Testament that that’s not what Jesus says. So when someone sends me something or says something I do I do this two step thing. The first step is, is it Biblically accurate? Now if it’s Biblically accurate, the next thing I do is I asked myself,

#2, What did Jesus do?

I have a very special guest, Angie Hall, coming up in Episode 27 (Premiering on 1/14/21), of Simple Christians podcast and she said something that I just love because we all we have that saying, What would Jesus do? And that’s very nice, and it sounds really cool. But Angie has a better question for you: What DID Jesus do?

When the people came to him (Jesus) and they said, “should we pay tax to the governor?” Jesus says, basically, yeah, of course you pay tax to the governor. He says, “Whose face is on the denarius (the coin of the day, and it is the Emperor’s face)? He says, Give the Emperor what the Emperor is due and give God what God’s due.

Jesus Himself told us to follow our governing authorities unless it is directly against God’s law. There’s nothing in this Coronavirus stuff that’s against God’s law. The religious freedoms that we have in America have nothing to do with the Bible. They don’t, there’s nothing in the Bible that says we should have religious freedoms.

So look at whether it’s Biblically accurate and then look at what Jesus did.

I have another example for you because I heard this a lot when I became a Christian. I went to Celebrate Recovery because I had a lot of recovering to do from past issues. God had cured me from alcoholism, and I’ve told you all about that before. But I still had some anger issues, which I still deal with today sometimes. I’m not perfect. My re-recording this episode proves I’m not perfect, I am not God.

But when I was in Celebrate Recovery, one of their sayings was that God will not give you more than you can handle.

And that is not Biblically accurate in the least bit. If God never gave us more than we could handle, why would we need God? We could do everything on our own power. Of course God’s going to give us more than we can handle.

What the scripture specifically says, and this is a 1 Corinthians 10:13. I think I’ve talked about this before. It says that God will not allow us to be tempted more than we can handle.

I don’t know about you, but I think about that. I get tempted pretty darn heavily sometimes. And God must have a lot of faith in me because a lot of those temptations, I have a tough time handling, especially when it comes with the anger issues and some of the things that I’m still working on myself.

But look at everything through Biblical glasses, if you want to call it that. Is it Biblically accurate? And if even if it’s Biblically accurate, what did Jesus do?

Because the Old Testament has things like an eye for an eye and stoning people for doing things. But Jesus says, Love your enemy.

Woah, yeah, that’s a tough one. I don’t want to love my enemy: He’s my enemy. Being an enemy means I have the right to hate him, right? Not love him. That’s not fair.

Oh, Jesus never said life was fair. In fact, Jesus’ kind of said that life isn’t fair. And he proved it when he got put onto a cross and was sacrificed for us.

Here he was this completely sinless man who sacrificed his life for our sins.

So, is it Biblically accurate? And what did Jesus do?

Don’t even think about what would Jesus do: What Did Jesus do? If you look at Jesus’ life, he did some very specific things and I think he did them to teach us what to do. He never once went against the government of the day. But he went against the religious leaders big time, especially the ones that were saying things the wrong way. They were being very legalistic in the way that things go.

God never intended legalism, he intended love. Even the Old Testament is full of that. You’re supposed to love people more than being a strict thing with the law.

So as we go about this new year, and we’re starting in 2022, and hopefully the worst of the Coronavirus is behind us, let’s get back to loving one another.

Let’s get back to loving our neighbors. And let’s work on loving our enemies.

I’m going to ask you for prayer, pray for me, to help me to love my enemies better, because I do have a difficult time with that one. And I’m guessing there’s probably one or two other people that do as well.

So click here to contact me and say, “Hey, I pray for me on this.” And I will be happy to keep you in my prayers on that.

Thanks for reading this second issuance of episode 21. I’m very glad that God corrected me before the first one came out.

And I’m just going to tell you, this is what I made the mistake on: I learned when I was a beginning, Christian, someone told me that you cannot look on the face of God because you’ll die. And I said, Well, Adam and Eve were with God and Moses with was God and they both talked to God, how did they not look on him?

But in the book of Exodus, it actually very specifically says that if you see God’s face, you will die. So I thought that it wasn’t Biblically accurate and I was wrong: It was accurate. So thank you, Lord for showing me that.

And I apologize to all of you for not getting that right. Other things I said in here today. I’ve even second researched it, and I’m pretty sure that it’s all Biblically accurate. But if it’s not, hey, let me know.

You all have a great day.

Dr. Ty Belknap

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