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April 30, 2021
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The theory of evolution has been around for some time now. And it is a theory. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck is noted for being the first person to come up with a fully formed theory of evolution. And Charles Darwin expanded on it in his book “On the Origins of the Species.” But both of them missed something. One premise of both of their opinions was that, as soon as we found the “missing link,” that link between animal and man, that the theory of evolution would then become a fact.

But there wouldn’t be a missing link. I mean, there wouldn’t be just one missing link, there would be tens or hundreds of evolutions.

Think of this: We supposedly came out of some mysterious primordial goo into the oceans of the earth. Then we mysteriously developed lungs (who knows why we would do that when 2/3 of the earth is water and there was plenty of food down there for us. Add on to that we didn’t need clothes or houses or cars or any of the other “necessities” we have today.

So, from the beginning, there was no reason to come out of the oceans.

But I digress. According to Lamarck and Darwin, we did come out of the ocean and became ape-like creatures. Then we evolved into man.

And this is where I think they got it wrong. An ape-like creature didn’t suddenly give birth to Homo Sapiens, modern day man. There would have to have been a gradual progression from one to the other. And that means that there would not be one missing link; there would be hundreds of thousands of them. But we have never found even one?

And I know, there are some that say Lucy (the ancient skeleton that was found, not my Pug-Chihuahua mix who’s also named Lucy. Although I call her Chubs). Anyway, some say that Lucy was the missing link, not just an old woman with extreme arthritis. If that is so, where are the hundreds of other missing links? Or, to be more accurate, where are the millions of other missing links?

Because, it’s not only man that would have missing links, it’s every animal and creature that now walks on or flies over the earth. Because evolutionists believe that all life came from the ocean. So, with all those millions of missing links from hundreds of thousands of creatures on the earth, we’ve only found one?

While you are considering that, let me finally get to the point of this podcast: Evolutionists don’t really believe in evolution. Unless they are anarchists, but anarchists don’t really believe in anarchy either. Sorry, I’m not going to go there today.

But the theory of evolution is survival of the fittest, right? The fittest survive, which helps the species survive, grow, and become better.

But if evolutionists really believed in that, they would never see a doctor. You see, if you can get sick so easily, then you aren’t that fit, and should be weeded out of the evolutionary strain.

One big evolutionist, Stephen Hawking, wasn’t an evolutionist himself or he would have killed himself as a child because he was so weak. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. No evolutionists really believe in evolution.

Another example: Let’s say I am an evolutionist and someone comes into my house and robs me. They take my money, kill my dogs, rob me of everything of value, pack it in my car, and leave. If I were a real evolutionist, I wouldn’t go after them or even call the police because they just proved that they were more fit than I was.

The police are here to protect the weak, the strong don’t need them. The courts are here to protect the rights of weaker people so stronger people don’t take advantage of them.

Caesar reigned back in Jesus’ time and Pontius Pilate was the governor over Judea. The Jews had their court system, but it was subservient to that of Rome, so the Jews could not execute anyone. They had to come before Pilate if they wanted anyone killed.

Here is the law of that day: If Pilate decided someone should die, they died. No court, no jury, no justice. They were just killed.

The Jewish leaders handed Jesus over to Pilate to be executed, but Pilate couldn’t find any reason to kill Jesus. It even got to the point, in Luke 23:4 it says: “Then Pilate said to the chief priests and the crowds, “I find no guilt in this man.”

And then, in verse 15, he says: “Look, nothing deserving death has been done by him. I will therefore punish and release him.”

Jesus did nothing wrong in Pilate’s eyes. So, in return for that, Pilate decides to have Jesus whipped mercilessly.

That was the law of that day. But even that wasn’t survival of the fittest, it was survival of the people with money and worldly power.

Today, anyone who would even try to whip someone as a punishment would get thrown into jail themselves.

So, back to the point, evolutionists should believe in survival of the fittest, but they don’t. All evolutionists should be anarchists, but they aren’t. Which goes to show that evolutionists don’t really believe in evolution.

I’ve been asked before, so what about the Big Bang theory. My answer: Let’s say there is a loud bang in the next room. We rush into the room together. The room smells of gun powder. There is a bullet-sized hole in the wall. But there is nobody in the room and nothing else is disturbed. Are we going to assume that it all just magically happened, or that someone came into the room, caused the bang, then left?

There is nothing in the history of man that would lead us to believe that a huge bang suddenly, magically, happens for no reason.

And, in the same vein, order does not come out of chaos. When is the last time you heard of a hurricane going though a trailer park and spitting out a mansion. Order requires design, and design requires thought.

So, to wrap it all up, if evolutionists don’t really believe in evolution, why do they spout it?

This is my theory, and I could be wrong. But I used to consider myself an evolutionist.  Didn’t want to believe in God. I can’t say that I really didn’t believe in him, but I didn’t want to.

You see, I was very different as a child and my parents didn’t understand me. After trying to get me to change for many years, they kind of gave up.  And I don’t blame them, they just didn’t know what to do. But people told me many, many times that I wasn’t normal. Or they would say things like why can’t you be like everyone else.

Over time, I started to believe that there couldn’t be a God because, if there was, why did he make me so messed up. But the truth is that I wasn’t messed up. No, I’m not normal. Nobody is. Not one person in this world is normal. We all have something inside of us that makes us feel different, don’t we?

There are a series of Bible passages that, honestly, make my eyes cross sometimes. They start with 2 Corinthians 1:3:

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, 4who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

And it goes on from there!

But, what I get from it, is that we all go through things that seem to be huge mountains, then we meet someone else who’s going (or has gone) through the same thing and it doesn’t seem so bad.

Have you ever experienced a time when you were going through something like that? Then you met a person you never knew before who’s presence just seemed to help you through it. But then they kind of faded away. You will always remember them, but they were in your life for a very short period of time and it seemed that they were put there just to help you through that.

Or turn it around. Maybe you happened upon a stranger who was going through difficult times and you were able to help them. There was a strong connection, but the two of you just kind of lost touch very quickly.

Both sides of that have happened to me, and many times it happened before I officially became a Christian. Going back to 2 Corinthians 1, I believe, that those encounters were orchestrated by God. I encourage you to read that chapter, and take it slow. It can be a tongue twister, so take it one verse at a time.

Because evolution says that if we can’t figure out our problems ourselves, then there must be something wrong with us and we don’t deserve to be here.

But God shows us that we were built for community, and that we need to rely on one another to get through this thing called life. Sometimes, that connection is short-lived. In fact, most connections we make don’t last a long time. And some do.

I learned, over time, that as different as I am (an extreme introvert), there are others like me. In fact, half the world is made of introverts. Which is why I wrote the book “Leadership for Introverts.”

Because it’s the differences that make us a community. Someone once told me, and my apologies, I don’t remember who, but they said “If you and I think exactly the same, one of us is not needed.” Now that was about hiring employees for a business, but it makes sense for most of life. Here’s the rub, though, no two people every really do think exactly alike.

There was a time in my life that I thought I was useless. I really did. Now, I help others see how much value they have. I work with homeless and at-risk teens to show them that they are needed, that they matter, and that people care about them.

Where do you think you can make a difference? What small thing can you do this week to help someone else? Is it volunteering for one meal at a food line? Or maybe volunteering at a food or clothing bank for a couple of hours?

Or how about just sitting down next to a homeless person and listening to them?

This is The Simple Christian Podcast with Dr. Ty. Thanks for listening, please like and rate this podcast, or go to www.thesimplechristian.net and contact me.

God’s blessings on your day!

– Dr. Ty Belknap

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